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Amongst the 10 South East Asian nations, Indonesia is by far the largest with its population of over 250 million; archipelagic nature with more than 17,000 islands and its abundance in natural resources. Led by the democratic President of Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo whose ambience amongst the civilians is extremely positive. Indonesia is a lucrative market for products and technologies from various industries due to its stature.

Since 2016 and planned through 2019, the Government is focusing its budget to enhance infrastructure in various fields. One important program is the construction of water infrastructure in various regions; with the currently ongoing construction of dams as source of raw water enabling to meet the needs of the large population as well as industries in various sectors. This, alongside the establishment of properties by private companies such as business districts, residential, hotels, industrial estates, shopping centers, and so on; makes Indonesia one very interesting market.

With its ongoing developments and opportunities, WATERTECH INDONESIA 2017 can become a very interesting breakthrough for companies in the water and waste water industry to market their products and technologies to Indonesia.


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